The Carrion Crown's Black Rose


Ashes at dawn pt1

The players left Illmarch onboard of their new ship, the Conqueror. They arrive in the capital of Ustalav, Caliphas, without any issues and managed to craft some poison along the way as well as transcribing spells into the wizard's spellbook.

They are greeted at the harbor by miss Carla Courtier, the vampire they saved earlier and are being led back to their patron, Berhol Chyrem. The vampire lord greets them in his manor and introduces them to Giovanni (a tailor and vampire) and victor vaus who is there with Kendra, his niece.

The players are also reunited with their old characters who are now vampires/thralls and flesh golems working for Berhol in the secret lab underneath the manor.

They get rewarded and hand in Ravenshead so that Berhol can finish a deal with the Pharasmin vampire hunters, a piece treaty. The party enjoys two months of downtime.

during which:

- Marathor met a friendly half-elven bard named Arra Nephys who learned him a new feat. He also got a new crossbow made by his old character, the vampire thrall inventor Gotthard.

- Li found a gargoyle during the groups research into the wispering way in the same theatre they met the bard. This gargoyle is in the vaults of the theatre where the Estoric of the Palantine eye (where victor is a member) stores their stuff. The wierd runes on it point to a code, couldnt be descyphered, a key is needed. He also copied even more spells in his spellbook

- Dave communed with his patron and did not go insane, so that's a plus. he helped with research and with buying new potions and leading the team.



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