The Carrion Crown's Black Rose

Ashes to ashes

Ashes at dawn pt2

The party went to the Estoric gala, an auction of the Addrissant family who recently discovered a tomb filled with valuables from a long forgotten general and his men.

There was a lot of art being sold as well as magic items. The party managed to get a good number of new items: a generals rune (upgrade a weapon or armor to +1), +1 half-plate, an instrument that dubbles song of rest's power. Eyes of the eagle, bracers of archery and a helmet of comprehend language.

They did some advertising on themselves and Dave even got the attention of the ladies. Marathor spent his time discrediting a high-ranking well liked naval officer by making jokes at his expense, the officer didn't care. The people seemed to take to it though.

They met a number of minor lords and ladies but also met Lady Caliphaso herself. The countess of the region. Dave swayed her to their side by regailing tales of their exploits.

The gale was also part of an agreement between the Order, the Vampires and the Pharasmins. Inquisitor bram was sent to retrieve the mace and close the contract. he went with berhol to a well secured sideroom.

Afther the auction (as the sun started rising) a scream was heard, the window in the room was broken and the party came just in time to see their patron turn to ashes. Staked to the wall with a pharasmin holy symbol dangling on the stake.

They went out to look for Bram, who was last seen going home with the mace, as told by Victor. underway they got attacked by a couple of ghouls led by a headless horsemen riding a fiery horse while swinging a flaming mace.

Having defeated this individuel the party now takes a short rest outside of Brams house, watching and observing.


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